May 9, 2017


In today’s internet world there are tons of different technologies to build your website on, you can of course build it from scratch but it takes time! This would include building your website in HTML, CSS, Javascript and more complex languages like PHP, Java/JSP, ASP, C# and many others. Building your website from scratch is a very length process and is usually very complex if you have limited knowledge, that’s why we suggest to use a content management system that makes your life a whole lot easier!


WordPress is a content management system or CMS that is free and open source, it is currently the most used CMS. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL installed like any normal website on a web hosting service. Most web hosting services these days have some form of application launch for WordPress – usually Softalicious will be available in your websites cPanel which will auto-install WordPress for you. One of the great things about WordPress is it works perfectly for new users but also experienced users. It is fairly easy to make a basic website and very complex to make a huge website. The use of plugins is one of the most important things in WordPress, this allows you to pretty much do anything. Plugins are created by contributors and are usually free to download, most have an upgrade to pro option for more features.


Drupal is another free open source CMS written in PHP, although a bit more limited and less used than WordPress there are still a lot of websites built on this framework. Most of these features include things like menu magement, account registration, maintenance, RSS feeds, system administration, page layout customisation and more! Drupal is a bit more complex than WordPress which is why it is used less, it also in most cases isn’t as powerful.

Squarespace, Wix & others

There are a number of free to use website builders that you can use these days. Wix has been around for a while and Squarespace is more recent, in most cases websites created using these tools are slow and clunky. Though if you are looking to create a website for a small project and aren’t too worried then this could definitely be the perfect option for you. These free website builders are very easy to use and allow you to create your website using drag and drops and building them from templates. They are fairly limited in their complexity, you couldn’t do too much complex stuff without a huge headache that in another CMS like WordPress would be quite simple with a single plugin. We do recommend using these kind of websites if you have little knowledge and are happy with a basic website.