How do great web designers come up with new ideas?

Well this is quite easy really! It’s very important to stay in the loop with the current trends for web design, this is how you make sure you are producing the highest level of websites. Web design trends actually change a lot and you don’t want to get left behind! What we suggest is to find some great web designers on the internet that you admire, follow them on various social platforms – see what type of websites they are creating and mimic! Of course this isn’t the best way, you want to create a brand for yourself and a style of web design. But if you are starting off it’s a great place to work up from.

You need to combine what you think will look good with the clients needs, often clients are very specific about the sort of website that they want so you are limited. But sometimes clients give you complete design freedom which is where you can go wild and create something you think is awesome. Often you might be blocked by your lack of skill, you might want to create something and have an idea in your head but just can’t create it. This is actually quite a big blocker for a lot of web designers, if there is really no way for you to implement it we suggest trying to create something that looks similar and functions very much the same but perhaps in a different way. But if you aren’t willing to take no for an answer check if someone has done it before and you can find out how to do it, if they haven’t then go and create the process! You can do anything when it comes to web design you are only limited by your knowledge and skills, so if that’s the case learn more and do more!

Along our way we found a bunch of designers that are really inspirational, we suggest checking these guys out:

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