Learn about how we became Westport Osprey...

Interestingly this website was actually dedicated to tracking Osprey birds, hence the name of the domain. But we decided to actually use it as our web advice blog since we had the website and hadn't used it in a while.

We came together to make sure the people of the internet have the best information possible when it comes to web development and web design. We've looked at some of the best web designers in our area and taken experiences from the industry to create this helpful website.

Essentially this website is built to help the aspiring web designer to know where to start, we aren't experts but we have worked in the industry and would like to provide a helpful resource. We have a lot of connections in the industry and we are confident we can help you on your way.

Although this website doesn't have all the information you need, to become a web designer it definitely gets your mindset in the right place.

One of the most important things for us to create a service that provides you with the top information. If you have any questions about the industry and feel like we could help, swing us an email and we'll be sure to get back to you.

Our team of experts

Anita Warden

Creator & Art Design Advice

Robert Kled

Web Dev Advice

Sarah Jovi

Web Design Advice

Tristan Barker

Back-End Developer Advice

Contact us for any additional help - we are here for you.

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